‘I am often asked’

‘I am often asked’ is a new series of blogs which I will be writing once a month and after each one I will be asking for suggestions for the next.

To kick start the series I thought I would start with one of the most popular questions ‘I am often asked’ which is….what has been my favourite expedition in my 10 years of leading. The answer – Horseback across the Andes with Discover Adventure and Girlguiding.

When I left school way back in the dark ages I thought I would have a life filled with horses. I had been horse mad since I was 6 and would spend every moment when home from school at the local riding school immersed into a world which I loved so much. I gained my teaching qualifications and was Head Girl in various competition yards. When I was 19 I spent 8 months in the North Island of New Zealand at 2 competition yards, gaining my HGV license, training the horses and driving my employers around the country to various shows. The dream life gradulally lost it’s sparkle and in 1993 I moved on.

Fast forward to February 2010. I had just left the safety net of full time employment in the DA office and had taken the scary leap of faith that is going self-employed but what a way to start! This was a once in a lifetime trip leading a fabulous group of Girl Guide leaders with an all male gaucho team, a couple whom I have since met up and had the pleasure of working with on Aconcagua! It’s a small world but fabulous.

It just goes to show that the skills you learn early on in this journey of life can come in quite handy even when you think they are past their sell by date.

So what was so special about it? Mountains, horses, wild camping, great teams and great times.

Check out the fabulous professional photos and my not so professional pics from this amazing adventure. Many of the ladies had learnt to ride the year before so that they could join this trip, setting aside fears not just of riding but also of being outside their comfort zones. Learning a new skill had brought them so much and they were doing things and going places they never thought possible, just like I did on my first trip as a client back in 2004.

Now – over to you with suggestions for the next ‘I am often asked’ blog!

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