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Jo Bradshaw

I am an Outdoor Instructor and Expedition Leader, travelling all over the UK teaching and assessing the expedition element of the DofE Awards as well as heading off around the world for big mountain challenges, but life hasn’t always been that way. I started my working life training horses then moved into business management but, being a risk averse, no saying, height fearing, comfort living girl, adventure was never on the radar.

Saying yes once gradually changed all that!

I took part in a charity bike ride in Peru in 2004, gradually changing my life and on 19th May 2016 I stood on top of Everest, having survived the tragic earthquake that hit in Nepal in 2015. To say life has changed is an understatement! I have found a confidence I never knew I had, I have achieved things I never thought were possible and I have gone to heights I never thought I was capable of. I am passionate about helping people of all ages to achieve their adventure dreams, whether it is a one day walk, a multi day cycle ride or to climb a big mountain.

#findyoureverest #thisgirlcan


I chose to raise funds for children’s mental health charity Place2Be, reaching around £15,000 over the 2 Everest attempts. Place2Be is the leading UK provider of school-based mental health support, unlocking children’s potential in the classroom – and beyond.


Patience is a virtue – playing the waiting game

A year ago today Rolfe and I had made the rather hot and sweaty climb up to Camp 3 on the Lhotse Face. At 7000m, the ‘camp’ is perched rather precariously on a 60 degree slope with platforms cut into the snow and ice by our incredible team of climbing Sherpas who would a week […]

I’m often asked – how do I train when I have no time?

You’ve signed up for the trip of your lifetime, a tick on your bucket list. You can’t believe you’ve had the guts to simply sign on the dotted line or clicked ‘book now’ but you have and it’s time to start training but the elation from booking turns into fear of all the hard work […]

The Seven Summits – You, Me and Place2Be

This coming 5 days (6-12 February 2017) is Children’s Mental Health Week but why do we need to highlight children’s mental health, or mental health in general, so much? Shouldn’t children ‘just get on with it’ as children were told to do in years gone by? Absolutely not. Mental health, no matter what your age, […]

‘I am often asked’

‘I am often asked’ is a new series of blogs which I will be writing once a month and after each one I will be asking for suggestions for the next. To kick start the series I thought I would start with one of the most popular questions ‘I am often asked’ which is….what has been […]

We are only human

We are only human I have had long conversations recently with a few friends and colleagues about different styles of leadership and interesting chats about situations that have occurred over the past year and about how, by knowing both sides of the story, the picture was more rounded but where emotions and stressful situations were […]

Aconcagua – fun with friends!

On 7th January a group of my friends met me at London Heathrow for a trip of their (and mine) lifetime. Read here what we got up to on this amazingly beautiful but harsh mountain, Aconcagua. Aconcangua – The Love Caravan! Enjoy the read and if you fancy coming along next year, let me know!