The Seven Summits – You, Me and Place2Be

This coming 5 days (6-12 February 2017) is Children’s Mental Health Week but why do we need to highlight children’s mental health, or mental health in general, so much? Shouldn’t children ‘just get on with it’ as children were told to do in years gone by? Absolutely not. Mental health, no matter what your age, is as important as physical health but most seem to shy away from the words mental health, for most it is a taboo subject.

So why is it so important to highlight children’s mental and emotional health? Aren’t we just breeding more dependency in children who need to be propped up when things get a little bit tough? Absolutely not. They are our future. They are our future employees and employers, our future doctors, nurses, policemen and women, service personnel, company directors, mothers, fathers, because they are our future. Everyone has bad days, some have bad weeks, a few have bad years, everyone needs some mental health support and it can be something as simple as a chat with a friend or some more indepth support from a professionally trained counselor. By supporting and promoting mental health issues we are, in my humble opinion, making a stronger nation with stronger children for a stronger future.

I had the absolute pleasure of raising funds and awareness for children’s mental health charity Place2Be during my two Everest attempts, raising nearly £15,000 with the support of hundreds of individuals and many businesses. Not only was raising funds important but also raising awareness of this all important charity and I hope I succeeded in putting Place2Be in people’s minds and making connections where none were previously. Your funds have gone a long way….

So, at the start of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week I would like to raise your awareness of the great work that Place2Be offer in primary and secondary schools. Please head to their website to see the important support they deliver and how children can grow and prosper with their help.

I’m very excited to say that I am now en-route to climb my remaining 3 mountains of the world’s Seven Summits and I am SO excited to be taking Place2Be around the world and up each mountain with me. As with Everest I am seeking sponsorship and as with Everest, 100% of every pound raised will go directly to Place2Be. As with Everest I will be offering you something for your hard earned pennies as I feel it is important for you to get something back too, don’t you think?

As with my Everest fundraising, I will be selling spaces to businesses on my new Osprey expedition pack which I am taking delivery of when I get back to the UK at the beginning of March and this time your business will be coming around the world with me. I also have 12 further spaces available for businesses to purchase on my van, Bumble, whose sign writing will also change.








* The Van – each A4 advertising space costs £625. £600 will go directly to Place2Be and £25 will cover the cost of the graphics to be printed.

** The Pack – each business card sized space will cost £600 plus £25 to cover the cost of creating a sewn badge for the pack.

*** Do the double and buy both van and pack spaces for £1000 plus £50 for graphics/badge PLUS I will include a free half day guided walk (for expenses only) and your framed badge delivered to you on completion plus inclusion in all of my social media.

To put it all in perspective – the exposure will last at least 18 months and equates to £33 per item or £56 for both per month. I’d say that was pretty good value!



The 2 previous banners raised a great amount of funds and I’m keen to do a ‘You, Me and Place2Be around the world’ banner. I’ve taken over 150 people to the top of this world, so now it’s time to take 200+ of you to Denali in Alaska, Carstensz Pyramid in Papua New Guinea and then onto Mt Vinson in Antarctica. Each space on the banner will cost £25 and I will fund the cost of creating the banner.








So, for now, come with me on another ride of our lives to countries and mountains where we have never been and help me promote children’s mental health through Place2Be. Please share to any contacts, businesses and individuals who you think may be interesting in supporting my efforts.

Next up – DENALI!!! Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post about The Seven Summits and my 5th of the 7, this incredible mountain in Alaska. The adventure continues!

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