We are only human

We are only human

I have had long conversations recently with a few friends and colleagues about different styles of leadership and interesting chats about situations that have occurred over the past year and about how, by knowing both sides of the story, the picture was more rounded but where emotions and stressful situations were involved, looking back at things you may have acted differently, even if it was to have the same outcome which is always, always the best for you, the client. We, as leaders, all have different personalities and different styles, but we are there for one reason, to do the best for you, the client but sometimes it’s a very lonely place to be.

As a leader we are very often in a difficult position. We are treading the fine line between being your friend, your confidante, your medic, your moral support, your ‘get up and go’, trying to manage your expectations, your hopes and your dreams, your fears and anxieties, you being so far outside your comfort zone you’re not sure how to act, how to be. We understand and empathise about how you feel as we have been there too, but we are ALWAYS doing the best thing for you and that whatever decision that we make is the best decision for you. Sometimes though, in the heat of the moment when things are not going quite how you expected, words can be taken out of context and when a simple ‘come on then’ is what is needed, it maybe not what is wanted. But please remember, we are there to support you, 100%. To help you achieve your dreams.

Our intention is to always say the right thing at the right time but we are only human. You will hear what is needed to be said rather than sometimes what you want to hear, sometimes with even the best intentions you will take things the wrong way when it was said with care and patience, often you will see just a small percentage of what is going on when we have to look at the bigger picture, the whole trip or expedition, at everyone’s fitness and ability to complete the challenge and how to get the best result for all. We are only human.

Turning someone around is never an easy decision or ever taken lightly but is always a decision made in the best interests of the person or people in question. Turning someone around is never personal but done because medical indications dictate that it is the best decision at the time or that someone has just reached their personal summit. Trust me, we want you to achieve your goals as much as you do, we really do. We do this job because we want to see you succeed.

We cannot do what we do without the unending support of our incredible local crews, our Brothers from another Mother, our co-pilots flying side by side with us and we are all only human.

So please, when you take on a challenge, accept and embrace that we are there to help you, that we are there to push you on when you want to give up, that we are there to give you the best experience possible but that adventure needs to be adventurous and that it will hurt, sometimes quite a lot but be safe in the knowledge that you will come out of it on the other side a stronger, more resilient person and that understanding that what you signed up for was difficult because difficult is a good. We know that you may not like us sometimes, that’s part of the job, but we always want what’s best for you.

We are only human and we will always do our best for you, guaranteed.

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