One year on...

1 whole year ago today...the day that I stood on top of my 5th of the 7 summits...the day I got to be a rock star on top of Denali....the day I realised a long held dream that I never thought was possible. Listen to my rather wobbly voice from the summit!

Summit Rock Stars

Summit Rock Stars

With 'just' 2 summits to go I'm focussing my efforts on raising the funds to climb first Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia and then finally Mt Vinson in Antarctica. I have scaled down my crowd funding pages to show the target for 'just' CP and will raise funds for Vinson once CP is completed. I am aiming to do the expedition in late Jan/Feb 2019 so have a tight deadline to raise the funds, as per usual.

If you would like to add a few pennies into the expedition pot which already had a lovely £150 pledged, please head to:

Or if you know a business who would like to take advantage of the corporate proposal, please click on:

And this is why I'm doing it:

Did you know that I do talks too? Big motivational ones, corporate business themed ones, for schools, groups and at events. The more paid talks that I can deliver then the less funds I will need to raise via crowd funding. The more paid talks that I can do, the more I can fund this project myself. The more talks that I can do, the more chances I have to motivate and inspire a few more people to find their own Everest and the more awareness I can raise for children's mental health charity Place2Be. Please, spread the word and share the love.