Your fundraising helps countless young children, parents and teachers
in over 290 primary and secondary schools around the UK.

Please spare a few minutes of your time to watch this video and you’ll see the help and support your funds are offering these youngsters: and head to to find out how.

100% of funds donated go directly to this amazing children’s mental health charity. The only money which is used for services are if you ‘Brand my Van’ where an additional £30 is invoiced for the cost of your logo graphics.


I am a firm believer that you should get something back for your hard-earned
donations so I have the following to offer you:

Brand my Van

For £500 your company logo can be seen all around the UK on my bright white van,
Bimble! (an additional £30 to be invoiced directly to me for the cost of the graphics)


For £500 your company logo can be seen all around the world on my trusty expedition pack.

Rogues Gallery banner

For a donation of £25 a selfie of yourself, a friend, your dog, cat, company logo or a
favourite saying can come to the summit of the next 2 peaks and beyond.

Headbands and happy hats

For a minimum donation of £12.50 for a fleece lined headband from Nepal or a minimum donation of £15 for each hand made Happy Hat from Chichester, keep your head warm this winter or gift it to someone special – to choose yours, please click here for the headbands and here for the hats.

For the van, pack and banner please click the donate button on 
and leave either 'Van', 'Pack' or 'Banner' plus your full name in the comments box.
E-mail me your company logo or banner image to and I will do the rest.

Come on this amazing journey with me and help to raise some serious funds!

Many thanks, Jo x